Henley-on-Thames Town Council Policies & Information

Please find below an online resource of documents setting out Henley-on-Thames Town Council powers, policies, procedures and forms which are available to view and download.

Fairmile Verges Policy
Acquisition and Disposals Policy for Land and Buildings
Lease, Contracts, Rents & Loans Policy
Anti Fraud and Corruption Policy
Bullying and Harrassment Policy
Capability Policy
CCTV and Surveillance Policy
Code of Conduct Policy
Complaints Handling Guidance
Data Protection and Retention Policy
Employee Handbook
Equality Policy
Grants and Free Use Policy
Health and Safety Policy
Investment Policy
Local Code of Corporate Governance
Memorial Trees and Benches Policy
Mooring Policy
Mooring Policy - General Mooring Conditions for Temporary Moorings
On street advertising: A-boards and posters
Pensions Discretions Policy Statement
Public Participation Policy
Redundancy and Reorganisation Policy
Reserves Policy
Scheme of Delegation
Strategic Risk Assessment
Tree Policy
Whistleblowing Policy