Climate Emergency 2030 Working Group

Established by the Town Council in 2019, the group consists of councillors and local residents working together to reduce the carbon footprint of the Council and the town. We have installed solar panels, planted trees and promoted government grants for home improvements. We are making plans to do what we can to take carbon emissions to net zero.  We are working to retrofit existing buildings, set low carbon standards for new buildings, create an electric vehicle charging infrastructure and support residents and businesses.

Rebecca Chandler-Wilde and Patrick Fleming from the Climate Emergency Working Group recently interviewed Ian Pritchett, Managing Director of Greencore Construction about Passivhaus, Embodied Carbon and the Kingston Bagpuize Development.

Watch the video here to discover more.

Climate Emergency 2030 Working Group


Tony Hoskins

Vice Chair

Cllr Donna Crook

Established by the Town Council in 2019, we are a group of Councillors and local residents working together to reduce the carbon footprint of the Council and the town.

The other Committee members are:
Rebecca Chandler-Wilde
Patrick Fleming
Claudia Klaver
Joseph Nicholson
Jackie Walker
Sara Kandiah
Catherine Notaras
Councillor Ken Arlett
Councillor Kellie Hinton
Councillor Ian Reissmann

Current opportunities

Henley Car Club is here
 The new car share club is ideal for those who need a car but don't want the trouble and expense of owning one, and can borrow one from Co-wheels instead! One car will be based on Upper Market Place. The other will start life nearby on the Market Place road for a few weeks before it moves to a more permanent home.  Find out more about how it works on the Co-wheels website.

Solar Streets
Quality low cost solar pv installations through Solar Streets, a community and Town Council partnership with IDDEA. Find out more at Henley Solar Streets.

Cosy Homes
A one-stop home retrofit service for energy efficiency improvements is available from Cosy Homes Oxfordshire.

Tree Planting
Tree planting in residents’ gardens, in land belonging to large landowners and in the Council’s estate.  To ask for trees, volunteer to help with tree planting, or organise tree planting, please contact the Projects Officer, Fiona Hewer.

Watch our Latest Working Group Meeting
Henley Town Council - view of Henley town from above