Henley-on-Thames Town Council
Planning Committee

The Planning Committee is established to determine the Council’s responses to all planning applications on which the Council consulted, and consider all matters relating to planning policy, infrastructure, and development.

Members of the public are welcome at all meetings and a ten minute public participation period is set aside at the start of each meeting in which the public may ask questions or make comments regarding any of the matters on the agenda.

Planning Committee


Cllr Tom Buckley

Vice Chair

Cllr Michelle Thomas

The other Committee members are:

Cllr Kellie Hinton (Mayor, ex officio)
Cllr Rory Hunt (Deputy Mayor, ex officio)
Cllr Gavin Jackson
Cllr Simon Paine
Cllr Laurence Plant
Cllr Rob Romans

Henley Town Council - Planning Schematics for a building development