Toilets Consultation at Makins Recreation Ground

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July 23, 2021

Henley Town Council has opened a consultation on a proposal to provide public toilets at Makins Recreation Ground

The survey can be completed online here

or you can email or call 01491 576982 for alternative accessible formats including a Large Print Information Pack (which contains the information below)

The survey will open on Friday 2 July at 9am and close on Monday 2 August at 5pm.

Currently, the nearest public toilets to Makins Recreation Ground are located in the Greys Road car park. This is a 500 metre or 6-minute walk from the park. This can be inconvenient for families with young children and elderly or disabled visitors.

In May 2020 the Council considered a proposal to provide public toilets at Makins Recreation Ground. With the Neighbourhood Plan consultation underway, the Council would like to give residents of Henley another opportunity to express their views.

Example A

Example B

Suggested location

Suggested Location for the Proposed Toilets at Makins Recreation Ground

Results of previous consultation

Although a survey in February 2020 suggested that people were not in favour of the proposal, there were few respondents. Almost 64% of respondents did not feel there was a need for public toilets and just over 31% of respondents did. Responses from organisations who use the park or are located around the park such as Nomad, the Scout Group, Headway and Thames Valley Police were positive overall. We are revisiting the consultation in the hope of getting more responses and making a final decision.

Pie Chart of Responses February 2020

“Toilets would attract and cause more antisocial behaviour” – local resident
“Far more important things to be considered for spending than this” – local resident
“Toilets are necessary and would be a great addition” – park user

Further Information

You can find the full report and more background information regarding the Recreation & Amenities Committee proposal on the Agendas and Minutes Page.

Town Clerk, Sheridan Jacklin-Edward added  ‘We need your views - This survey takes just a few moments to complete and will help us to make an important decision about the proposed Toilets at Makins Recreation Ground.’

The Toilets at Makins Recreations Ground were discussed at the following Recreations and Amenities Committee Meetings:

19 May 2020

21 January 2020

3 December 2019

21 May 2019