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Climate Emergency 2030 Working Group

About us

Established by the Town Council in 2019, we are a group of Councillors and local residents working together to reduce the carbon footprint of the Council and the Town.  We have installed solar panels, planted trees and promoted government grants for home improvements. We are making plans to do what we can to take carbon emissions to net zero.  We are working to retrofit existing buildings, set low carbon standards for new buildings, create an electric vehicle charging infrastructure and support residents and businesses. 

Further information: The Agendas and Notes from meetings are under Town Council on the home page. 

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Current opportunities

Applications for home insulation and low-carbon heating improvements through the Green Homes Grant are open!  UPDATE 19 November 2020 - The date for completion of the home improvement works has been extended by a year to 31 March 2022.

Quality low cost solar pv installations through Solar Streets, a community and Town Council partnership with IDDEA. NEW! Find out more about the latest events including zoom Q&As at Henley Solar Streets.


Members of the Climate Emergency 2030 Working Group:

Tony Hoskins - Chair

Councillor Donna Crook - Vice Chair

The Mayor, Councillor Ken Arlett

Rebecca Chandler-Wilde

Patrick Fleming

Councillor Kellie Hinton

Claudia Klaver

Joseph Nicholson

Councillor Ian Reissmann

Paul Scrivens

Jackie Walker